Accounts Platforms

Below is a list of all Accounts feature availability by platform.

Creating Accounts

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Using Account Wizards

Parent Account Wizard

New Account Wizard

New Record Type Wizard

Auto-Creating Affiliations in Account Wizards

Disabling the Create Button for Accounts

Previewing an Account During Creation

Disabling the Create Button for Accounts

Account Hierarchy in Account Wizards

Using Custom Account Record Types with the New Record Type Wizard

Duplicate Record Checking in Account Wizards

State License Information in Account Wizards

My Accounts

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
My Accounts
Configuring the My Accounts Display
Using the Account Details Screen
Creating Accounts and Related Data
Account Lists and Views
Moving Between Account Lists and Account Views        
Managing Dynamic Attributes in My Accounts
Identifying Accounts with Account Identifier or Account Name Expansion
Visibility of Accounts and Territories
Scheduling a Call in My Accounts
Regional Manager Governors in My Accounts
Sticky Sort Order for My Accounts
Account Filter Recall

Managing Account Information

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Record Types in Accounts

Sphere of Influence

Account Hierarchies

Displaying the Primary Parent with a Business or Person Account's Name

Working with Territory Fields

Dynamic Attributes for Accounts

Account and Contact Merge Administration

Retaining GPS Coordinates When Modifying an Address

Address Inheritance Support

Adding the Business Professional Entity Record Type

Decoupled Data Change Requests

The Formulary Matrix

Prescriber Level Formulary

Suggestions Overview

Using Accounts

Functionality iPad iPhone Online Windows
Viewing the Account Timeline

Viewing Multichannel Activities on the Account Timeline

Searching for Accounts

Using the Account Details Screen

Referencing Office Best Times for Accounts

Global Account Browse

Using Addresses in Accounts

Working with Child Accounts

Integrating Apple Maps

Account Deep Linking
Displaying the Multichannel Calendar

Veeva ID

Account Overview Panels

Displaying Child Accounts for an Account Hierarchy

Stamping Country Information for Account and User

Calls Related Lists

Using the Interaction Summary Visualization
Displaying Aggregate Spend Icons
Veeva CRM Campaigns
Veeva Oncology Link Integration