Adding the Business Professional Entity Record Type

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The Business Professional entity allows a person and a place to be represented as a single entity. This entity is represented by the Business_Professional_vod person account record type.

For example, Sarah Jones has an account, Dr. Clinton Ackerman, at both Chilton Memorial Hospital and A Center for Dermatology. The account name displays as Ackerman, Clinton (Chilton Memorial) or Ackerman, Clinton (A Center for Dermatology).

Configuring the Business Professional Entity Record Type

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To enable this feature, populate the Primary_Parent_vod lookup field on the Account object with a business account.

Using the Business Professional Entity Record Type

This record type is supported inherently for the Account Profile screen and its controls, for example, Product Metrics and Territory Specific Fields. The following areas of the application have special handling around Business Professionals:

  • All areas of the account name display the Business Professional name: “Last Name, First Name (Primary Parent Name)". For example, “Smith, John (General Hospital)”
  • If the Location_vod field is on the Call2_vod page layout, the primary parent of the Business Professional automatically saves as the call location for that call
  • Call location also drives the attendee search for this call. Available attendees are a match on the Primary Parent.
  • On Cycle Plans, Business Professional targets displays in two columns: Contact and Primary Account
  • The Primary Account column label is the Account field label
  • The Contact label is the Cycle_Plan_Account_vod field label on the Cycle_Plan_Target_vod object
  • Column labels can be configured by changing the labels of the fields listed above. Modifying these labels modifies the labels in all areas of the application that reference the values.
  • All related business professional person accounts also return in business account search results
  • Business professional creation is supported in the New Account Wizard using the required selection of a Parent Business Account record type
  • The Business Professional Entity is not impacted by the Account TSF Preferred or Primary Parent display enhancement