Cycle Plans Overview

Cycle Plans provide the ability to guide users with a list of Targets within their Territory to properly promote company brands and messages within a specified time period. Veeva CRM offers two different modules for Cycle Plans: Classic Cycle Plans and Multichannel Cycle Plans.

Working with Classic Cycle Plans

The Cycle Plan module provides basic Cycle Plan functionality for activities only from the Call2_vod object.

The Cycle Plan module is supported on the Online and iPad platforms.

Working with Multichannel Cycle Plans

Multichannel Cycle Plans module provides a different approach to Cycle Plans with the ability to plan and monitor activities from multiple channels. Channels can be created for the following objects:

  • Call2_vod
  • EM_Event_vod



  • Sent_Email_vod

The Multichannel Cycle Plan module is supported on the Online, iPad, and Windows Tablet platforms.

The two Cycle Plan modules are independent; they have separate data models, functionality and calculation technologies.