Identifying Accounts with Account Identifier or Account Name Expansion

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Browser

Providing sufficient information about an account helps identify it when account information displays in the application, including account look ups. There are two additional ways to identify accounts:

  • Account Identifier – This field on the Account object is defined by the customer
  • Account Name expansion – This includes the Primary Parent wherever the Account Name is displayed in the application. Account name expansion applies to person and business accounts.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Account Identifier

The Account_Identifier_vod field on the Account object stores any account identifier needed by customers. Customers are responsible for populating the field and can use any value. The field value can be updated by any means, for example, manually, through data loading, or using a trigger. The account identifier displays in multiple account-related locations.

Configuring Account Identifier

To enable Account Identifier, grant admins FLS edit permission and end users FLS read permission to the Account_Identifier_vod field.

Account Name Expansion

If a TSF Preferred Name is defined for the account in the user's default territory, this information displays after the account name. If no TSF Preferred Name is defined, the primary parent account displays. If neither is defined, nothing displays after the account name.

On the Browser platform, the account name is separated from the additional information by the ‘@’ symbol. For example, Dr. Clinton Ackerman’s primary parent in Newton Memorial hospital, so the parent account displays Dr. Clinton Ackerman @ Newton Memorial Hospital.

On offline platforms, the parent account name displays below the account name. In this example, the parent account displays underneath the account name.

Configuring Account Name Expansion

To use account name expansion, enable the ENABLE_ACCOUNT_PARENT_DISPLAY_vod Veeva Setting.

To enable account identifiers on Call Reports:

  1. Add the zvod_Account_Primary_Parent_vod__c marker field to the page layout.
  2. Add the zvod_Account_Account_Identifier_vod__c marker field to the page layout.
  1. Enable the ENABLE_ACCOUNT_PARENT_DISPLAY Veeva Setting so the Parent Account displays after the Account Name, for example, Ackerman, Clinton @ A Center for Dermatology.