Suggestions Overview

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Suggestions are items that present information to users about how to engage with accounts over multiple channels. Suggestions are based on customer- or partner-generated data. The data comes from a number of accessible repositories, for example, CRM interaction history, sales data, and market research data.

The Suggestions module is designed specifically for customers and partners to load analytics data or outputs from data science engines into Veeva CRM to be leveraged by users to create Calls, Call Objectives, or Send Emails. Information displays in three forms:

  • Suggestion – a specific and associated recommended action
  • Insight – Information without an action
  • Preference – Channel and Offer preferences specific to an account

The following are examples of the types of information presented through Suggestions:

  • Frequency of interactions
  • HCP availability and proximity
  • Changes in prescribing habits
  • Formulary coverage changes and patient trends

For example, Amy Adams needs to be sure everyone on her team knows to detail a new Cholecap indication to the relevant accounts, so she creates a suggestion. When Sarah Jones schedules a call with Dr. Clinton Ackerman, she sees the suggestion to detail Cholecap’s new indication for lowering cholesterol.

The following topics provide you with information to help you understand and configure Suggestions.


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