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Suggestions display on either the Suggestion home page tile or on the Account Overview Timeline.

Suggestions are viewed across all accounts a user has access to via the Suggestion home page tile. When opening Suggestions from the Home page, the following displays:

  • A summarized view of all Suggestions categorized by the type of action associated with the Suggestion
  • A breakdown, within the channel action type, of how the suggestion was tagged by product and driver
  • Suggestion action categories display based on which action channel has the most, and follows in descending order
  • Suggestions of type Insight display last, regardless of the quantity

The tag groups showing counts of suggestions by record type are limited to four rows each. The three tags with the largest number of suggestions display first, and any additional tags are grouped as "Other."

Suggestions are categorized by account and are grouped based on action type. The order in which an Account displays is based on the sum of the Account_Priority_Score_vod field on the Suggestion_vod object of all Suggestions associated to the account.

The Name and Account Identifier display for each account. Users can access the Account Detail screen by selecting the account name in the Suggestion. From the Account detail page, users can navigate to the Account specific Suggestions by selecting the Account Profile Panels icon.

Ensure the Accounts and Suggestions initial configurations are complete to use this functionality.