Score and Sort Order

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The score determines the order in which Accounts display in the Suggestions section on the Home age. The Display_Score_vod field on the Suggestion_vod object determines whether the score displays.

Suggestions for an Account that have Display_Score_vod disabled do not display the score. If it is enabled, the score displays even when some scores are not enabled.

The Account sort in this view is determined by the sum of the Account_Priority_Score_vod fields for all Suggestions in a given account. Accounts display with the highest summed score first and follow in descending order. If the sums are equal for multiple accounts, the display logic is alphabetical.

If Display_Score_vod is disabled for all Suggestions for an account, the field does not display. However, If any scores are enabled, scores display for all suggestions.

The logic of the display order of Suggestions within an Account is driven from the Priority_vod field, then the Account_Priority_Score_vod, and the Posted_Date_vod.

Ensure the Accounts and Suggestions initial configurations are complete to use this functionality.