Product Tactics and Strategies

Product Tactics are stored in a custom object called Product_Tactic_vod, while Product Strategies are stored in the Product_Strategy_vod custom object.

You cannot delete a Product Tactic once it has been referenced by a Submitted or In Progress call.

You can also create your own fields on this object. Custom fields created on Product Tactics can be copied over to custom fields created on Account Tactics during the Apply Product Plan process.

Considerations for Product Tactics

During the Apply Product Plan process, each Product Tactic on each selected Product Strategy is copied to the Account Tactic object. This includes every field on the Product Tactic that matches identically to a field in the Account Tactic. Therefore, if you want custom fields from Product Tactics to be copied to Account Tactics, you must ensure the Field Names match identically.

Configuration for Product Tactics

In order for users to Apply Product Plans to their Account Plans, Product Tactics must be marked as Active. If you no longer want to use a particular Product Tactic in a future call report or on a future Account Plan, mark it Inactive.

Product Strategies

Custom fields can be created on the Product_Strategy_vod custom object.