Managing Dynamic Attributes in My Accounts

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A Dynamic Attribute is a special type of field that displays on the Account Details screen and can be created by business admins without modifying the Account object. Users can create and edit My Accounts views using Dynamic Attributes as search criteria. They can also create My Accounts lists and views with Dynamic Attributes as display columns, allowing users to group or filter their accounts based on Dynamic Attributes.

For example, Amy Brown, a Business Manager, creates a Dynamic Attribute called # of Patients to gather information for a new Natevba campaign. She adds the Dynamic Attribute to a My Accounts view so she can see the Dynamic Attribute values for all of her team’s HCOs in one place. She shares the view with her team so her field users can assess which accounts they need to interact with based on the information in the # of Patients column.

Child Account views are not supported in Dynamic Attributes for My Accounts.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality. Further configuration is not required for this feature as long as Dynamic Attributes is configured.

Considerations for Dynamic Attributes in My Accounts

Consider the following when using Dynamic Attributes in My Accounts: 

  • Text Area and DateTime fields cannot be filtered on or used as Search Criteria to create a view
  • If multiple Dynamic Attribute criteria exist on a view, the Territory drop-down list is disabled
  • A Dynamic Attribute record can be combined with only the Account object in My Accounts filter criteria
  • If Address, TSF, or Product Metrics is selected as a filter criteria, Dynamic Attributes cannot be selected

Using Dynamic Attributes for My Accounts

Creating Account Views with Dynamic Attribute

To add a Dynamic Attribute to the Search Criteria or as a display column in the Select Columns section, select the Dynamic Attribute option in the Record drop-down list.

The Field drop-down list displays the available Dynamic Attributes along with their section names. The additional information of the section name helps clarify which Dynamic Attribute is used, as multiple Dynamic Attributes can have the same name.

To create a view with deselected Dynamic Attribute check boxes, select not equal to True from the Operator drop down list.

Searching on Items Containing a Space or a Null Value

The following table details search behavior.

To create a view displaying the following for accounts with Dynamic Attributes

Use the Following Operator

Records containing a space in the definition


Records without a space in the definition

Does not contain

Records containing only a blank space in the definition


Records that are not blank

Not equal to

Records containing a space to begin the definition

Starts with

Creating Account Lists with Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic Attributes are automatically added as columns to Account Lists if the user has permission to view Dynamic Attributes.

A maximum of 19 Dynamic Attributes columns can display after other defined columns in alphanumeric order from left to right based on the Section_Name_vod and Attribute_Label_vod values. The user must have permission to view the Dynamic Attribute record used to view the column.