Creating Accounts and Related Data

  • iPad
  • Browser

Users can create accounts and related data, for example, addresses, on CRM for iPad. A new record button displays in the header area of the My Accounts list and Account Detail screen. Selecting this button displays the appropriate Account Wizard, which guides the user through record type selection and data entry steps and suggests potential matches based on entered data in an effort to minimize duplicates.

If the user has permission to create records for related objects, the new record button displays in the header of the related list. Selecting the button opens a window that allows the user to create a related record.

For example, Sarah Jones is meeting with Dr. Clinton Ackerman, who is not in her company's database. She creates a record on the My Accounts screen and uses it to store Dr. Ackerman's data. See Using Account Wizards for more information.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.