Plan Tactics

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To give Key Account Managers a greater degree of control over Account Plans, users can now add Plan Tactics. Plan Tactics are a group of tasks or objectives that should to be completed as part of an Account Plan. They also allow specific Accounts (and Key Stakeholders) to be targeted with specific Call Objectives. Those Call Objectives can be assigned to specific Team Members for the Account Plan. Key Account Managers can track all of this giving them a comprehensive view of progress.

For example, a given Account Plan has five Plan Tactics, each Plan Tactic contains 10 Accounts impacted. For each Account, there are 10 Call Objectives. As the user completes the Call Objectives, the system can calculate that progress and roll it up to the next level, displaying progress for each Plan Tactic within the Account Plan.

Some of the advantages of using Plan Tactics are the ability to:

  • Organization – smaller, executable units of work
  • Associate one or more Accounts/Stakeholders to each unit of work
  • Automatically track progress within, and across, each unit of work

In addition to a description, the status, the owner, and the progress made, each Plan Tactic contains associations linking the targeted Accounts to the Account Plan. Users can have multiple Call Objectives for each tactical association targeting each specific Account.

Call Objectives have two visibility levels: All and Owner. All means any team member with access to the Account has visibility to the Call Objective. Owner means only the Call Objective owner can see or be assigned to the objective.

As the plan execution progresses, the Call Objectives statuses change from Pending to Compete. The system uses the status to calculate and roll up the Tactical Association progress; the same progress tracking is valid for Tactic Associations to Plan Tactic and from Plan Tactic to Account Plan level.

Recurring Call Objectives are not supported.

Configuring Plan Tactics

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable the KAM_ENABLE_vod Veeva setting with a value of 1.
  2. Grant end users CRUD permission to the Plan_Tactic_vod object.
  3. Grant end users CRUD permission to the Account_tactic_vod object.
  4. Grant Edit FLS permissions to all fields on the Plan_Tactic_vod object.

  5. Grant Edit FLS permissions to the following fields on the Account_Tactic_vod object:
  • Plan Tactic_vod
  • Account_Plan_vod
  • Status_vod
  1. Grant Edit FLS permission to the following fields on the Account_Plan_vod object:
  2. Total_Plan_Tactics_vod
  3. Plan_Tactic_Progress_vod
  4. Completed_Plan_Tactics_vod
  1. Grant Plan Tactics users access to the following Visual Force Pages:

  • Plan_Tactic_Edit_vod
  • Plan_Tactic_View_vod
  1. Ensure the content source for the following

  • New button is pointing to the Plan_Tactic_Edit_vod visual force page
  • View button is pointing to the Plan_Tactic_View_vod visual force page
  • Edit button is pointing to the Plan_Tactic_Edit_vod visual force page
  1. Grant Edit FLS to the calculation fields on the Account_Tactic_vod object for automatic rollup of the progress calculation:

  • Completed_Call_Objectives_vod
  • Total_Call_Objectives_vod
  • Call_Objective_Progress_vod

If you want to manually calculate the progress rollup, set the Progress_Type_vod field value to manual_vod.

Using Account Tactics

To use Account Tactics:

  1. Navigate to the Account Plan Tactics related list on the Account Plan page.
  2. Select the New Account Plan Tactic button to create a new tactic.
  3. Enter the appropriate information about the tactic and select Save.
  4. Associate an Account to the tactic by selecting the Add Account button under the Tactic Association related list on the Plan Tactic Detail page. Users can associate multiple Accounts at once.
  5. Associate Call Objectives to an Account by selecting an Account from the Tactic Association related list to expand it, then selecting the New Call Objective button.
  6. Enter the appropriate information for the New Call Objective, then select Save.

Progress on Account Plans can be tracked at three different levels:

  • Account Plan level (Account_Plan_vod) - Progress is determined by the percentage of completed Plan Tactics
  • Plan Tactic level (Plan_Tactic_vod) - Progress is determined by the percentage of completed Account Tactics
  • Account Association level (Account_Tactic_vod) - Progress is entered manually by the Key Account Manager or by the percentage of completed call objectives