My Accounts

My Accounts is the central hub for accessing and managing all accounts available to the user, which are listed on the My Accounts screen. From My Accounts, users can take advantage of a full range of information, including the following:

  • search for accounts based on basic account profile attributes
  • save a search for a specific set of records with a custom view
  • organize accounts into lists
  • designate the sort order for records
  • indicate which columns should display on a custom view
  • set the default number of records that display
  • share views with other users
  • select the blue hyperlinked account name to open the account screen
  • select the blue hyperlinked phone number to initiate a phone call with an account

    A Call Center Id must be populated for the user in order for phone numbers to display as hyperlinks.

CRM maintains the last view and territory selected by the user in the My Accounts screen. These selections are stored in the Preferences_vod object, allowing users to maintain these selections across sessions.

Selecting a territory from My Accounts displays that territory and all territories below it in the Territory Hierarchy.

The columns displayed on the screen are based on the selected filter and rely on the online configuration for the Account Views and Account Lists available in the filter. The buttons available are based on online configuration and user permissions.

The following topics provide you with information to help you understand and configure My Accounts.


End Users