Configuring the My Accounts Display

  • iPad

The fields, sections, and layout in the Account Detail screen can be configured using standard Salesforce setup and configuration.

CRM for iPad does not support the Formulary Matrix, Formulary for Rep, and Office Best Times features.

Specialized functionality is accessed by placing custom buttons and Visualforce pages onto the page layout. These elements are described in the following table.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To enable specialized functionality in My Accounts:

  1. Enable the appropriate items from the Element Name column.

Element Name


Specialized Functionality



Exposes the Record a Call button in the My Accounts list and detail pages. The user must also have Create permission to the Call2_vod object.



Exposes the Account Summary button on the Account Detail page. Navigates to the online Account Summary report. The user must have Read permission to the Sales_Transaction_vod object.



Exposes the View Hierarchy button on the Account Detail page. Opens a new window containing a graphical representation of related Child and Parent Accounts.



Exposes the Calendar button on the Account Detail page. Opens a new window showing all activities against the Account.


Visualforce page

This control displays territory-specific fields corresponding to the account and the user’s territory. The fields displayed are controlled by the page layout of the corresponding record type in the TSF_vod object. The user must have Read permission to the TSF_vod object.


Visualforce page

Exposes the product metrics grid.


Visualforce page

Exposes the Sphere of Influence operation button on the Account Detail page.

Assigning Account Icons

Each account record type has an assigned icon. To ensure the proper icon displays in the My Accounts list, do not modify record type's name and label. 

An unrecognized record type is assigned the “unknown” icon.

To enable this feature, verify the ACCOUNT_RECORD_TYPE_ICON_MAP_vod Veeva Setting points to the ACCOUNT_RECORD_TYPE_ICON_MAP Veeva Message. Then populate the Veeva Message with a double semi-colon delimited list. See Record Types in Accounts for more information.

For example, ACCOUNT_RECORD_TYPE_ICON_MAP;;Common can be used for defining the mapping of the Microscope icon to Research_Center_c custom record type.

Account Wizards

CRM for iPad supports the New Account Wizard, Parent Account Wizard, and New Record Type Wizard for creating accounts. These are accessed by selecting the new record button on the right side of the header in the My Accounts list and Account Detail page. Reference the Veeva CRM Administration Guide for configuration details.

Setting Hyperlink Formula Fields

The HYPERLINK() function in formula fields is used to create links to specific URLs. These links are used in CRM for iPad to launch websites and iPad apps with registered custom URL schemes. Customers can create links with dynamic parameter values and formula fields can reference field values from Veeva objects.

Hyperlink Formula fields are not supported on the Call Discussion section of the Call Report. Also, formula fields display only when a page is in Read mode.

Validating Fields Regular Expressions

Regular expressions can be configured to validate the format of a field value. If the value entered does not match the expression, the user is presented with a configurable error message. Only fields present on the page layout are tested. Non-required fields that are left blank are not tested.

This feature supports fields on the Account and Address_vod objects for the following data types:

  • Currency
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Email
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Text Area (Long)
  • URL

Each supported object has a custom setting that contains a reference to a Veeva message. The name of the custom setting is the name of the object followed by “_REGEX”. For example: “Account_REGEX”, “Address_vod_REGEX”.

The value of the custom setting is a reference to a Veeva Message that contains the configuration for all the fields in the object subject to regular expression validation. Veeva Message references are in the format “[Name];;[Category]”.

The format of the referenced Veeva Message is as follows:

[Field Name];;[RegEx];;[Err Msg Name];;[Msg Category]

  • [Field Name] is the API name of the field to be validated
  • [RegEx] is the regular expression
  • [Err Msg Name] is the name of the Veeva message that contains the error message text
  • [Msg Category] is the category of the Veeva message in [Err Msg Name]

In the following example, the Specialty field must be capitalized. The ERR_ACCOUNT_SPECIALTY Veeva message in the Custom category defines the error message text.


If more than one field requires validation in the object, separate the configuration for each field by a triple semicolon delimiter (;;;).

[Field Name 1];;[RegEx];;[Err Msg Name];;[Msg Category];;;[Field Name 2];;[RegEx];;[Err Msg Name];;[Msg Category];;;[Field Name 3];;[RegEx];;[Err Msg Name];;[Msg Category]

Access the regular expression engine to configure and ensure regular expressions can be interpreted correctly by CRM for iPad.