Cross Hierarchy Affiliations in Stakeholder Navigator

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Users can view their account’s affiliations even when those affiliations are in other organizations. This provides a view of who their accounts have relationships with to allow them to make more intelligent decisions when planning outreach to HCPs.

When a user selects an account in Stakeholder Navigator, the Affiliations tab lists all affiliations, including those between the HCP and providers in other organizations. The user can also open the All Affiliations view to see a visual representation of all affiliations, including those in other networks.

Configuring Cross Hierarchy Affiliations in Stakeholder Navigator

  1. Ensure Stakeholder Navigator is configured.
  2. Grant End Users the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS




    • From_Account_vod
    • To_Account_vod
    • Child_Affiliation_vod
    • To_Account_Name_vod*
    • To_Account_Record_Type_vod*

    * Required for iPad only

    To allow users to delete affiliations, grant edit access to Delete_vod.








  3. To display custom fields and allow filtering by custom fields (optional):
    • Set the value of the ENABLE_CUSTOM_RELATIONSHIP_FIELDS Veeva Setting to 1.
    • Add the custom picklist or multi-select picklist to the page layout associated with the default record type for the Affiliation object. The custom fields must have a zvod_ prefix.
    • Verify users have FLS Read access to the custom fields.

    Custom fields allow users to view the account data that is most useful to their organization’s goals, and reduce results so users can quickly find the information they need.

  4. Set the ENABLE_GLOBAL_ACCOUNT_SEARCH_vod Global Account Search Setting to 1 to display an Add to Territory option on the Affiliations modal.

Viewing Cross Hierarchy Affiliations on the Affiliation Tab

To view cross hierarchy affiliation information on the Affiliation tab:

  1. Select an account node in Stakeholder Navigator.

  2. Select the Affiliation tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Outside Affiliations section to view the affiliated accounts. This section displays below the in-hierarchy affiliations.

Displaying the All Affiliations View

To display a view of all affiliations, including cross hierarchy affiliations:

  1. Select an account node in Stakeholder Navigator.

  2. Select the Info tab.

  3. Select the View All Affiliations link. (On iPad, this option only displays for in-territory accounts.)

The All Affiliations view displays all account affiliations, including relationships across organizations.

The target account displays as the center node in the All Affiliations view. Up to twelve affiliated accounts display at a time in a circle around the node. The same account may display multiple times if the account is affiliated with the target account in multiple ways.

If the target account has more than twelve affiliations, left and right arrows display on the account card. Users can select the arrows to navigate through multiple pages of affiliated accounts.

The All Affiliations view includes the following options:

  • Breadcrumbs - Select a link to display affiliations for a previously viewed account

  • Add Affiliations - Creates a new affiliation
  • Filters - Limits the display to only account affiliations matching the filters. The All Affiliations view supports filtering by custom fields. When filters are applied, they remain applied even if you navigate in the All Affiliations view and select a different target account. An indicator displays that filters are applied.

  • Legend - displays a description of the types of affiliations represented in the All Affiliations view

Adding an Account Affiliation

To create a new affiliation:

  1. Select Add Affiliations.
  2. In the account picker, search for and select the account you wish to add.

  3. In the Add Affiliation modal, enter information about the affiliation.

  4. Select Save.

Viewing, Editing, or Deleting an Account Affiliation

Users can select an affiliated account in the All Affiliations view to open a modal displaying information about the affiliated account.

The modal contains the following options:

  • View All Affiliations - displays a new All Affiliations view with the selected account as the root account. The previous account is added to the breadcrumbs.
  • Edit - modify the affiliation
  • Delete - removes the affiliation

To view account information, select the account name of one of the accounts involved in the affiliation. An Account Information modal displays information about the selected account. The information displayed in this modal is the same as what displays in the Info tab of the Account modal when selecting the account in the hierarchy view of Stakeholder Navigator, including any custom fields defined. Additionally, in the Account Information modal, the following options are available:

  • Account Details - displays the Account Details page for the account
  • View Timeline - displays the Timeline View for the account
  • Add to Territory - adds an out-of-territory account to the users territory

Searching for Affiliations in All Affiliations View

Users can search the affiliations displayed in the All Affiliations view.

To search from the All Affiliations view:

  1. Select the Search icon.

  2. Enter search text in the Search field.

  3. Select Enter or select the Search icon.

The search results include all affiliations where the search terms match one of the following fields:

  • Formatted Name - The Furigana field on the Account object is not searched
  • Any secondary identifiers defined for the accounts in Stakeholder Navigator. This includes the Medical Identifier field, if the field has been configured for the user and is being used as a secondary identifier.

Select a row in the results to display more information about that affiliation.

Select the View button to view the affiliation in the All Affiliations view; the matched affiliation blinks briefly to indicate the match. If the affiliation is on a different page, the view changes to the page containing the selected affiliation.

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