Searching for Accounts

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Users can search for their accounts based on many existing fields. Advanced Account Search searches across all addresses, both inactive and active. If there is a match to the Account, the Primary or TSF Preferred Address still displays in the results set. Advanced Account Search is a Full Text token search. When only one term is entered, the results display all accounts where one of the fields on the account contains a word or term that begins with the entered value. When you enter a space, the search token is an exact match across any searchable field. All tokens are joined by an implicit AND.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using Advanced Account Search

The following table offers examples of the search types.

Expected Result ADVANCED_SEARCH_vod disabled ADVANCED_SEARCH_vod enabled
Ackerman, Clinton ID: 121212 123 North Street, Newton, NJ 08124 “Ackerman, Cl” * This search string is an exact string match, forcing the user to type the last name first. You can never search by first name only. “Clinton” “Ackerman Newton” “121212 Newton” * Tokens can be used to search across multiple fields at once and the user can type in the first or last name.

Out of the box, Veeva supports advanced search for the following fields:

  • Account
  • Formatted_Name_vod__c (see note below)
  • Account_Identifier_vod__c
  • Furigana_vod__c
  • NPI_vod__c
  • Account_Search_FirstLast_vod__c
  • Account_Search_LastFirst_vod__c
  • Address_vod
  • Name
  • Address_Line_2_vod__c
  • City_vod__c
  • State_vod__c
  • Zip_vod__c
  • Country_vod__c
  • Phone_vod__c
  • License_vod__c

To omit one or more of these fields from the search, enable the DISABLE_SEARCH_TERMS_vod Veeva Settings by entering the appropriate terms in the corresponding Veeva Message using the following comma delimited syntax:


For example, "Account.Account_Identifier,Address_vod__c.Phone_1_vod__c" disables the ability to search on Account Identifier or Phone 1.

The Formatted_Name_vod__c field on the Account object cannot be disabled.