Working with Multiple SWOT and Goal Records

  • Browser (Classic)
  • iPad
  • Windows Tablet

Users working with Account Plans can create multiple SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis and Goal records for account plans. This allows multiple teams to easily contribute to a single Account Plan for an account and also provides flexibility for each team to have their own SWOT Analysis and Goals records. These records can also be used to differentiate SWOTs and Goals by product, compound, or therapeutic area, based on the products associated with the account.

For example, Sarah Jones is a KAM working on the account plan for Newton Memorial Hospital. She sets up the account plan during the planning phase and creates separate SWOT Analysis and Goal records for the new Cholecap and Restolar products, defining goals to achieve certain sales targets. She captures the SWOTs and sets individual goals for both products that Larry Lakes, her KAM teammate, will also review and expand.

At the same time, Tonja Holma, an MSL who is assisting with the same account plan, creates SWOTs and goals for the compounds of these products. Medical Team members can review and use these items when executing the plan. These records define different types of goals for the Medical Team, who focusing on education instead of achieving sales targets.

Configuring Multiple Goal and SWOT Records

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant the following permissions to the SWOT_vod and Goal_vod objects:
  • For users who create records, grant Create and Update permissions
  • For users who view records, grant Read permission
  1. Grant the following permissions to all the fields on the SWOT_vod and Goal_vod objects:
  • For users who create records, grant edit permission
  • For users who view records, grant read permission
  1. Expose the SWOT_vod and Goal_vod related lists on the Account_Plan_vod page layouts. This allows end users to view and access the records on the Account Plan page.
  2. Remove the following fields on the Account_Plan_vod object from the Account Plan header page layout. This step is optional.
  • Opportunities
  • Strengths
  • Threats
  • Weaknesses
  1. Enable VMOCs for offline access. The necessary VMOCs depend on which object is needed for teams working on iPad or Windows Tablet and on which platform.

Goals and SWOTs work with MyInsights Deep Linking.