Account Plans

Account plans are defined with strategies, activities and action items and act as long-term project plans for Key Accounts. Account Plans are stored in a custom object called Account Plans. You can create your own fields on this object.

If the Account_Plan_vod field is configured on a Call page layout, when a user makes a call against an Account and there is an active Account Plan for that Account, that Account Plan is available for selection in the Account Plan field on the Call.

Admins can place the Record_Activity button on the appropriate Account Plan page layout to allow online users to create a call. Online users can also create a call from an Account Tactic.

Auto-populating Account Plans in Call Reports

Users can create a call on the Account Tactic and have the Account Plan pre-populate to the associated Account Plan and default the Account Tactic in the product discussions. This also holds true for creating calls on an Account that is associated to any Account Tactic. When the Account Plans picklist is on the page layout, the associated account plan defaults, and the account tactic is available in the Product Discussion section.

Configuration is not needed for this feature if Account Tactics are configured on the Call Report.

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