Account Tactics

Account Tactics are stored in a custom object called Account_Tactics_vod. You can create your own fields on this object.

Configuring Account Tactics

To enable Account Tactics: 

  1. Provide FLS edit permission to the Account_Tactic_vod field on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  2. Provide FLS edit permission to the Recurring_vod field on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  3. Add the Call Objectives related list to the appropriate Account Tactic page layout.
  4. Add the Assign_Call_Objective_to_Tactic_vod button to the related list on the Account Tactic page layout.
  5. Provide access to the Assign_Call_Objective_to_Tactic_vod Visualforce page.

Tying an Account Detail to a Call Objective

Account Tactics can be tied to one or several Call Objectives by populating the Call_Objective_vod.Account_Tactic_vod field with the associated Account Tactic. This lookup field allows for a related list to be added to the Account Tactic Page Layout so the user can see all of the tied Call Objectives for an Account Tactic.

On the Account Tactics Details page, in the Call Objective Related list, is a new button named Assign_Call_Objective_To_Tactic_vod. When adding this button, users can Assign Call Objectives to the Tactic. The lookup only searches non-completed Call Objectives for the same Account as assigned to the Account Tactic. Selection of a Call Objective assigns the Account Tactic to it in the Call_Objective_vod.Account_Tactic_vod lookup field.

Displaying a Call Objective When an Account Tactic is Selected

When loading a Call Report that had a saved Account Tactic, or when creating a new Call from an Account Tactic, any tied Call Objectives are automatically selected in the Call Objectives section. Call Objectives, Account Plans, and Tactics must be configured on the Call Report layout in order for this functionality to work.

When changing the date out of the Call Objective range for Account Plans or Account Tactics tied to the Call Objective, the user is alerted of the Call Objective removal from the Call Report.

Call Objectives can still be created from the Call Objectives tab on iPad. If a Call Objective tied to an Account Tactic is selected and a Call is created from this direction, the Account Tactic does not need to be automatically loaded. If the user selects the Account Tactic subsequently, a message displays to notify the user the Call Objective is tied to an Account Tactic.