Account Deep Linking

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To optimize workflows across multiple apps and increase users’ efficiency, account deep linking enables users to navigate directly to a specific account’s profile in Veeva CRM from an external application. When users rely on an external enterprise application to access specialized information about HCPs, they need to move between the external application and Veeva CRM to maximize their time. With account deep linking, users can do that automatically without signing into Veeva CRM and searching for a specific HCP.

For example, Sarah Jones's company uses a reporting tool built on an external business intelligence platform. Sarah notices a downward sales trend for Dr. Ackerman in the reporting tool, and she needs to check information in CRM to plan what steps to take for the account. Sarah selects Dr. Ackerman’s account from the external app and opens it directly in CRM. From the Account Timeline, she notices interactions with the account have slowed, so she schedules more calls with Dr. Ackerman in the upcoming weeks.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

This feature is available for the Account object only.

Using Account Deep Linking

To link users to a specific account record, developers for any external application include a link to the account’s Veeva CRMcustom URL. The URL contains the 18-character CRM account ID. For example:


If a user previously signed in to Veeva CRM and then selects an account from the external application, the default account view displays. Once in CRM, select the Back button to display the last viewed page.

If the last-viewed CRM screen was in edit mode and data loss could occur, an error message displays. Select OK to remove the error message and display the current CRM screen. Edit screens include both main screens and popup screens.

For example, after navigating to Dr. Ackerman’s account in CRM from the external reporting tool, Sarah selects the Back button from the Account Timeline to display the Account Details page for Verteo Biopharma. This page displays because it was the last page Sarah viewed before navigating to the external application.

The default account view is the tab configured to display first on the Account toolbar. For more information, see Setting the Timeline as the Default View for an Account.

If a user selects an account but is not signed in to Veeva CRM, the Login screen displays.

Invalid links are logged in the activity log for debugging.