Apply Product Plan Button

The Apply Product Plan button allows users to copy Product Strategies and Product Tactics to their Account Tactics. Only Product Plans marked Active are included, and only their respective Product Strategies and Product Tactics which are marked Active are included.

During the Apply Product Plan process, each Product Tactic on each selected Product Strategy is copied to the Account Tactic object. This includes every field on the Product Tactic that matches identically to a field in the Account Tactic. Therefore, if you want custom fields from Product Tactics to be copied to Account Tactics, you must ensure the Field Names match identically.

The Apply Product Plan button can be configured to allow selection of the Product Tactics to occur at either an aggregated Product Strategy level or at the detailed Product Tactic level.

Configuring the Apply Product Plan Button

To configure the Apply Product Plan button, add the Apply Product Plan (Apply_Product_Plan2_vod) button to the Account Plan page layout.

If you enable the ENABLE_TACTIC_LIST Veeva Setting, the Apply Product Plan button displays at the Tactic level.

You must also enable Security to the Visual Force page, ApplyProductPlan_vod.

For more information on the Account Plans and Product Plans or loading data into these objects, refer to the Veeva CRM Data Model Guide.