My Accounts Alphabar on iPad

  • iPad

To allow users to find accounts quickly, the List tab on My Accounts displays an alphabar on the right side of the page. Users can select a letter to navigate to that section of the account list.

For example, Sarah Jones has many accounts listed on the List tab of the My Accounts page on her iPad. She wants to view account details for Dr. Lori Baker. She selects the letter B in the alphabar to see the accounts beginning with that letter. Sarah sees Dr. Baker’s name is listed near the top and selects the account to view the details.

Configuration is not needed for this feature.


Ensure end users have Read FLS to the following fields:

  • Alternate_Name_vod on the Account object (for account views and lists)
  • Alternate_Name_vod on the Child Account object (for child account views)

Using the My Accounts Alphabar on iPad

The following conditions determine when and how the alphabar displays:

  • At least two accounts beginning with different letters must be listed in My Accounts for the alphabar to display
  • Letters without corresponding accounts do not display in the alphabar

The order of the index sections in the alphabar matches the sorting of the List tab.