Displaying the Engage Profile Indicator on Accounts

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The Engage profile indicator is an icon displayed on accounts, usually for HCPs, to indicate the account is linked to an Engage profile. This allows users to quickly understand which accounts have Engage profiles and whether a user is connected to the profile and can therefore chat with the account. HCPs who have signed up for an Engage account have profiles, which include their personal information and contact details. See Using the Me Tab as an HCP for more information about Engage profiles for HCPs.

For example, Sarah Jones reviews the account details for Dr. Clinton Ackerman before a call. Dr. Ackerman previously did not have an Engage profile, but when she navigates to his account detail screen, the Engage profile indicator displays. Sarah knows she can now invite Dr. Ackerman to connect and chat in Engage Connect.

Configuring the Engage Profile Indicator

To enable the Engage profile indicator to display on accounts:

  1. Grant end users the following permissions:



    Record Type Access











    • Active_vod
    • From_User_vod
    • To_Engage_Profile_vod





    • Account_vod
    • Connection_Status_vod
    • Display_Name_vod
    • First_Name_vod
    • Last_Name_vod
    • Title_vod
    • VExternal_ID_vod
  2. Activate a Full Sync VMOC for the Engage_Profile_vod object. Populate the following:
    • Account Lookup = Account_vod__c
    • WHERE clause = WHERE Account_vod__r.CreatedById != null
    • Enable Enhanced Sync is selected
  3. Activate a Full Sync VMOC for the Engage_Connection_vod object.
    • WHERE clause = WHERE To_Engage_Profile_vod__c in (Select Id from Engage_Profile_vod__c WHERE Account_vod__r.CreatedById != null)
    • Enable Enhanced Sync is selected
  4. Sync Engage profile data. See Integrating Engage Profiles into CRM for more information.

Using the Engage Profile Indicator

When users select the Engage profile indicator on an account, a popover displays the following for each Engage profile associated with the account:

  • Display Name of the profile. See Editing Display Names in Engage and Engage Connect for more information about display names.
  • Connection Status, indicating whether or not the user is connected to the profile in Engage
  • Chat button, which is only available when the user is connected to the Engage profile and has chat enabled in CRM. Selecting the Chat button for a profile displays the user’s chat thread with that profile in the Engage tab in CRM. See Enabling Engage Chat in CRM for more information.

The Engage profile indicator also displays on account icons in My Accounts in the list and table views, and in child account hierarchies for parent accounts.

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