Integrating Engage Profiles into CRM

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To allow customers to view Engage profile information within CRM and understand the connections between Engage profiles and accounts, admins can sync Engage profile data to CRM using the Engage Connect Profile Sync of the Engage Meeting Reporting Processes. Additionally, integrating Engage profiles is necessary to display the Engage profile indicator on accounts. See Displaying the Engage Profile Indicator on Accounts for more information.

For example, Verteo BioPharma wants their users to be able to identify if an account in CRM has corresponding Engage profiles. Alice Adams, an admin, syncs the Engage profile data via the Engage Connect Profile Sync. Now, when Sarah Jones navigates to Dr. Clinton Ackerman’s account, she sees that his account is linked to his Engage profile as well as Marilyn Martin’s Engage profile, because she is the PA for Dr. Ackerman.

Configuring Engage Profile Data Integration

To allow admins to sync Engage profiles to CRM:

  1. Ensure an integration user is defined for the Engage Meeting Reporting Processes.
  2. Grant the integration user the following permissions:



    Record Type Access






    • Account_PersonContactId_vod
    • Account_vod
    • Name
    • PersonContactId_vod





    • Active_vod
    • From_User_vod
    • Inactivation_Datetime_vod
    • To_Engage_Profile_vod
    • VExternal_ID_vod






    • Engage_HCP_Profile_vod
    • Engage_Staff_Profile_vod
    • Account_vod
    • Connection_Status_vod
    • Connection_Status_Update_Datetime_vod
    • Degree_vod
    • Display_Name_vod
    • Engage_Signup_Datetime_vod
    • First_Name_vod
    • Last_Name_vod
    • Profile_Photo_URL_vod
    • Title_vod
    • VExternal_ID_vod


Syncing Engage Profile Data

The Engage Connect Profile Sync runs as part of the Engage Meeting Reporting Processes in the Process Scheduler. Each automatic sync is incremental, unless there were not any successful syncs within the last 90 days or the last 10 syncs failed. Each sync includes all changes to Engage Profiles since the last successful sync.

Admins can also select Full Sync in the Engage Profile Integration Sync History section of the Engage Meeting Process Admin tab to manually perform a full sync. The sync history displays the last 10 syncs.

Syncs must be at least 60 minutes apart for updates in Engage Connect to be pushed to CRM. The Engage Profile Integration Sync cannot run if an Engage Post-Processing job is in progress.

When a sync completes, one of the following messages displays in the sync history table:

  • Success – all records were successfully created or updated
  • Success with errors – at least one record was successfully created or updated, and at least one record failed to be created or updated
  • Failure – all records failed to be created or updated, or one of the following is true:
    • The system could not connect to Engage Connect
    • The system could not connect to Salesforce
    • The integration user is not correctly configured
    • The integration user credentials are invalid

Admins can download and view the success and error logs for each sync for more information.

If a sync fails to create or update the appropriate records, the next sync tries to create or update those records again. Admins can view error messages for sync failures in the Engage Profile Integration Sync History table. A failed record is retried until it fails ten consecutive syncs, after which it is not retried until its next update in Engage. Failures due to configuration issues, for example, invalid credentials for the integration user, can be retried more than ten times.

An Engage profile for an account syncs to CRM if one of the following is true:

  • The Engage profile is connected to a CRM user in the org
  • The Engage profile is associated with an Account ID in the org and is connected to a CRM user in the company

The sync process searches for Engage_Profile_vod records corresponding to Engage profiles. If a record exists, the sync updates the fields with the changes from Engage. If a record does not exist, the sync creates the record and populates it appropriately.

Do not manually attach profile photos with the CRM_Content_type field set to Engage_Profile_Photo_vod because they are overridden in the next sync.

An Engage_Connection_vod record is created for each connection to a CRM user in the org. If a CRM user or an HCP disconnects from a connection in Engage, the corresponding Engage_Connection_vod record is deactivated in the next sync but not deleted. The same record is reactivated if the CRM user or HCP reconnects to the user or HCP in Engage.

Do not manually update Engage_Profile_vod or Engage_Connection_vod records created by the Engage Connect Profile Sync. Doing so prevents future syncs from appropriately updating the records.

If an HCP deletes their Engage profile, the following updates to the corresponding Engage_Profile_vod record occur in the next sync:

  • The name is set to Deleted User
  • The Connection_Status_vod field is set to Deleted
  • The Connection_Status_Update_Datetime_vod field is set to the current date
  • All other fields are cleared
  • All associated Engage_Connection_vod records are deactivated

If an Engage profile is merged with another profile, the merged profile is treated as a deleted profile.

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