Using the Chat Tab

Chat allows a user to have two way messaging with a connected HCP, or with another user within the same company.

Users can copy and paste text, as well as include links or emojis in chat messages.

Adding images and files in chat is not supported.

Sharing Contacts with HCPs

The Share Contact () button enables users to introduce an HCP to other contacts at their company within the same country. The contact is sent as a card within the message.

Only active contacts within the same company and country who have previously signed in to Engage Connect can be shared.

Approved Content

The Approved Content () button enables users to send approved content to HCPs from a list of content links defined for that user.

The content is grouped by brand. Users can select Preview to see how a piece of content displays to the HCP.

You can only select one piece of content per message.

Content is sent as a link within the message window.