Using Addresses in Accounts

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Windows Tablet

Users can maintain multiple addresses for each person or business account, assisting users in planning their day-to-day activities. Addresses are stored in the Address_vod object and can be used in the standard Reports module.

State Licenses for Sampling are stored on the Address object. Reference the Managing HCP License Information section for more information on the management of the State Licensing information.

For example, Sarah Jones is leaving for a call with Dr. Clinton Ackerman. She selects Clinton Ackerman’s account, navigates to his address, and selects Send to Maps. Her navigation system automatically launches to direct her to Dr. Clinton Ackerman.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Using Addresses in Accounts

The Address Detail screen displays several useful operation buttons in the navigation pane:

  • Record a Call – creates a call report with the current address defaulted as the call address
  • Send to Maps – opens the iPad Maps app with the selected address in displayed. This allows the user to use the full functionality of the Maps app, including getting directions and finding nearby points of interest. A simple map also displays in the Address page layout that provides a quick glimpse of the location.
  • Start Media – creates a new call report with the current address default and navigates the user directly to the media player
  • Go Online – opens Veeva CRM online
  • Edit – allows the user to edit the address

Restricting Address Availability

The Inactive_vod field on the Address_vod object provides a mechanism to filter addresses available for selection on a Call Report and in My Schedule on the Browser (Classic) platform. If the Inactive_vod field is selected for an address, the Address record does not display on either screen. The default value is not selected.

The Lock_vod field on the Address_vod object provides organizations with a mechanism to prevent an address from being edited or deleted by an end user. If the Lock_vod field is selected, a user cannot edit the Address Line 1 field online. Edits are blocked by a trigger that generates an error on save. Offline, the Address Line 1 field is read only. A system administrator or a user with Modify All Data privileges can edit or delete addresses that have the Lock_vod field selected. The Lock_vod field should not be displayed on the Address page layouts.

Using Maps

The Map_vod field on the Address_vod object allows users to open the address using Google Maps by default. The formula can also be adjusted to open a different external website.