Account Overview Panels

  • iPad

Account Overview panels can be configured to display at the profile level for end users. These panels are read only.

A jump-to control is available for quick access to any one panel. The jump-to displays when more than two panels are configured. The jump-to button opens a picklist of all panels in the order they are added to the page layout.

The following panels are included:

  • Account Details Panel (see configuration details to enable)
  • Cycle Plans (zvod_cycle_plan)
  • Call Objectives (zvod_call_objectives)
  • Insights (zvod_Insights)
  • Product Metrics (zvod_product_metrics)
  • Product Restrictions (zvod_Product_Restrictions)
  • Suggestions (zvod_Suggestions)
  • Stakeholder Preferences (zvod_Stakeholder_Preferences)

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To display custom activities in the Timeline, see Multichannel Activities on the Account Timeline.

Cycle Plan is not supported on Windows Tablet platforms.