Veeva CRM Campaigns

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)

Campaigns allow customers to track accounts tied to individual marketing efforts. Campaigns and their respective targeted accounts can be loaded into Veeva or created by privileged users. Users can be granted permission to add or remove individual accounts from a campaign, and they also have the option of adding accounts from a stored account list to simplify mass entry.

For example, Sarah Jones’s manager needs her to track a marketing promotion for Cholecap. Sarah creates a campaign, adds her accounts, and tracks the information.

Customers can extend the out-of-the-box campaign functionality using standard configuration to meet their unique business needs.

Configuring Veeva CRM Campaigns

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To enable Veeva CRM Campaigns:

  1. Grant the following permissions: 

    Object OLS Record Type Fields FLS











  1. Add the Apply_Account_List _vod custom button to the Campaign Targets related list if users are allowed to apply all the accounts from a stored Account List on Veeva CRM online.

Using Veeva CRM Campaigns

In the Lightning Experience, admins must ensure the Campaign Targets Related List is not an enhanced related list to view the updated account list immediately after selecting the Apply Account List button. See Veeva CRM and Lightning for more information about the Lightning Experience.

Campaigns can be created only on the Browser (Classic) platform.

Add VMobile Object Configuration records for the Campaign_vod and Campaign_Target_vod objects. It is good practice to limit the records being synchronized to only those that are active. For example, set the Where Clause for the Campaign_vod object to “WHERE Campaign_vod_r.Start_Date_vod__c <= TODAY AND Campaign_vod_r.End_Date_vod__c > TODAY”.

Add a custom tab tied to the Campaign_vod object and expose it for profiles that should have access to the Campaigns tab online. Profiles that have read privileges on the Campaign_vod object automatically have access to the Campaigns tab.