Displaying Aggregate Spend Icons

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Windows Tablet

Visual icons can be added to an Account Page Layout to provide a visual representation of the current state of the account as it relates to Aggregate Spend Thresholds. Three states are represented by colored indicators that indicate whether the account is below the monitoring threshold, nearing the spend limit or over the spend limit.

This feature is off by default and is configured by using three fields on the Account object:

  • Spend_Amount_vod – This field contains the spend amount or status as it exists in the customer’s spend tracking system. This field can be loaded manually or via Data Loader for multiple accounts. Generally, this field should not be visible to the end user.
  • Spend_Status_Value_vod – This field is used to translate the values in Spend_Amount_vod to one of three pre-defined Veeva values:
  • Below_Monitoring_Threshold_vod
  • Monitor_Spend_vod
  • Cease_Spend_vod
  • Customers can modify the formula in this field to yield the proper spend status based on the value in the Spend_Amount_vod field. In general, this field should not be visible to the end user.
  • Spend_Status_vod – This field displays the aggregate spend icon based upon the value in the Spend_Status_Value_vod field, and should be placed on the Account Detail page layout.

When the Spend_Amount_vod field does not have a value and the Spend_Status_vod field is placed on the page layout, the green icon indicating Below Monitoring Threshold displays.