Account Hierarchy Overlay

When the ACCOUNT_HIERARCHY_PAGE Veeva Setting is enabled, the following features display on the existing Account Hierarchy:

  • A drop-down menu with a list of all Account Plans the Account is assigned to:
  • Selection of a value in this list draws the appropriate tactics and stakeholders that relate to that Account Plan
  • This value defaults to the plan it was originated from, or if from Account Details, the value defaults to ‘—none—‘
  • Selection of ‘—none—‘ disables the overlay
  • The primary and child accounts for the hierarchy display with all assigned Account Tactics in the Account Plan to the Account
  • A Key Stakeholder icon displays if the Account is a key stakeholder on the Account Plan

Configuring the Account Plan Hierarchy Overlay

To enable the Account Plan Hierarchy Overlay, set the ACCOUNT_HIERARCHY_PAGE Veeva Setting to a value of 1 for the Account Plans Overlay.

Using the Account Plan Hierarchy Overlay

On the Account Plans page, add the new custom button View_Hierarchy_vod to the page layout. Users can view records lower in the hierarchy to access and view Account Plan details for Account Plan Stakeholders. This button, when selected, opens the Online Account Hierarchy from the Account Plans page for the Account assigned to the Account Plan.

Adding Key Stakeholders on the Account Hierarchy Overlay

Users can select key stakeholders for an account plan. These stakeholders include HCPs, hospital employees, nurses, and anyone who influences the relationship with the account on the Account Plan.

Configuring Key Stakeholders on the Account Hierarchy Overlay

  1. Grant the following permissions to all users: 

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS
    Key_Stakeholder_vod CRUD n/a
    • Account_Plan_vod
    • External_ID_vod
    • Key_Stakeholder_vod
    • Key_Stakeholder_Name_vod
    • Mobile_ID_vod
    • Role_vod
    • Stakeholder_Owner_vod
    • Stakeholder_Owner_Name_vod
  2. Add the Key Stakeholder related list to the Account Plan page layout.
  3. Grant users permission to the Key_Stakeholder_Affiliation_vod and Key_Stakeholder_Hierarchy_vod Visualforce pages.
  4. Place the following buttons on the Key Stakeholder related list on appropriate Account_Plan_vod page layouts.
  • New
  • Add_From_Affiliations_vod – allows users to add a Key Stakeholder from the Add From Affiliations screen
  • Add_From_Hierarchy_vod – allows users to add a Key Stakeholder from the Add From Hierarchy screen

    An Internet connection is required for the Add From Affiliations and Add From Hierarchy buttons to display.

  1. Verify that the Key_Stakeholder_vod and Account_Team_Member_vod VMOCs for iPad are enabled and set to Full Sync.