Account Plan Deep Cloning

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Account Plan Deep Cloning allows Key Account Managers (KAMs) to clone account plans for reuse. The team working on the account plan continually measures the success of the plan, and, based on success rates, can reuse account plans for other Key Accounts to achieve similar results.

Customers can also create account plans to act as templates they manage. KAMs can clone those templates to start a new account plan. Also, if customers create new account plans every year for their accounts, a KAM can clone a previous year’s account plan to use as the basis for the new plan.

For example, Sarah Jones, a KAM, wrote an account plan for Newton Memorial Hospital. The account plan goal is to convert Newton Memorial to Cholecap over other arthritis products. Because the account plan was successful, Sarah clones the account plan to use the same account plan for Chilton Memorial Hospital.

Considerations for Account Plan Deep Cloning

  • The Medical_Insight_vod and Call2_vod objects are not available for cloning as part of an Account Plan Deep Clone and do not display on the Clone Account Plan screen
  • If a user attempts to open an account plan without the appropriate permissions, an invalid permissions error message displays
  • Records are cloned as is, with the following exceptions:
  • If the out-of-the-box Account Plan hierarchy objects are in use, the Progress_vod field values are reset, and the Status is set to Pending_vod. Additionally, all fields on the hierarchy object representing counts of child objects, for example, Total_Account_Tactics_vod__c, are reset, and the Completed_Flag_vod check box on the Call_Objective_vod object are deselected.
  • The Owner_vod field on all cloned records is set to the user who initiates the clone
  • Any fields the user does not have FLS access to are not copied over in the clone
  • Active_vod is set to false.

Configuring Account Plan Deep Cloning

To enable Account Plan Deep Cloning for end users:

  1. Grant the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS






  1. Grant the user Create and Read access to all objects used within the Account Plan Object Hierarchy. Ensure the user has Read and Edit access to all required fields for those objects, as well as any lookup fields on the object to its parent in the Account Plan Object Hierarchy.
  2. Grant the user Create and Read access to all objects with a lookup field to the account plan. Ensure the user has Read and Edit access to all required fields for those objects, as well as the lookup field to the account plan.
  3. Add the Account_Plan_Deep_Clone_vod action to relevant Account Plan page layouts.
  4. Grant access to the VeevaAccountPlanController Apex class for end users.

The VeevaAccountPlanController Apex class is only available in Lightning-enabled orgs.

To enable custom objects to be part of an Account Plan Deep Clone, create a lookup relationship with the Account_Plan_vod object.

Using Account Plan Deep Cloning

The Clone Account Plan screen can be launched by selecting the Clone Account Plan button on any account plan.

The items in the Account Plan Hierarchy section display based on what is configured. Account Plan Deep Cloning works with out-of-the-box and customized Account Plan Hierarchies, including customized Account Plan Hierarchies that include custom objects. Additionally, Account Plan Deep Cloning supports cloning records from related custom objects that have a lookup to the Account Plan object.

When an account plan is cloned, the account plan, records from the selected hierarchy, and records from related objects are cloned. The Clones_vod field on the Account_Plan_vod object is populated on the newly created account plan to reference the account plan that was cloned.