Order Management Platforms

Below is a list of Order Management feature availability by platform.

Feature iPad iPhone Browser (Classic) Windows Tablet
Best Pricing Logic
Payers and Delivery Location

Bundle Packs

Changing Order Line Column Widths

Cross-Product Rebates
Custom Fields on Order Lines
Custom Sort of Product Lists
Default Account Partner
Disable Rebate Mixing

Enforcing Wholesaler Priority

Enhanced Bundle Packs
Direct Order Quantity Entry
Discounting Orders Based on Inventory Monitoring
Final Net Price
Fixed Product Kits

Fixed Unit of Measure on Order Lines

Inline Price-Additive Calculation

Linear- vs. Price-additive discount calculation
Linking a Wholesaler to a Price Book
Manual Allocation of Free Goods
Mass Add Products
Mass Entry Mode
Multiple Wholesalers and Wholesale Priority
Non-Fixed Product Kits

Order Approval Process

Order Assortments

Order Campaigns
Order Delivery Date Splitting

Order Header Pull-in Fields
Order Line Delivery Splitting

Order Product Information, Viewing

Order Soft Delete
Using the Product Group Subtotals Visualization
Payment Terms
Percentage of Free Goods

Price Books

Pricing-Bound Kit Items
Pricing-Bound Product Groups
Printable Orders

Product Views

Profit Calculator

Set a Default an Account Partner
Signature Capture
Single Entry Mode

Suggested Retail Price

Upsell Suggestions

Viewing IM Information in an Order

Wholesaler Best List Price