Up-Selling Suggestions in Pricing Rules

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Up-selling Suggestions can inform the user of an opportunity to sell more product to a customer. An Up-selling Suggestion is defined as part of a Pricing Rule, where Suggestion Text is the text of the displayed message and Suggestion Threshold is the Product quantity entered, after which the suggestion displays. If there are multiple up-selling suggestions from different pricing rules, Suggestion Texts from multiple, simultaneous rules are combined.

Up-selling Suggestions are not supported for List Price rule.

In the example below, when the user hovers over the information icon on the order page the up-selling suggestion tells them that if the quantity on the order line is higher than 15, a discount of 5% applies.

In the example below, the Suggestion Text field on the pricing rule contains the text that appears when the user enters a quantity of at least 10 for Cholecap 10mg, as indicated in the Suggestion Threshold field. The Maximum Quantity is the amount at which the suggestion text is no longer displayed.

Because the Discount Pricing Rule is not triggered until the rule criteria is met, the up-selling suggestion should be defined as part of a separate pricing rule triggered when the Suggestion Threshold quantity (or List Value or Net Value) is met.