Pricing Rules with Product Kits

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Kits represent a virtual bundling of two types of products and can be included in the Pricing Rule quantity and value discounts.

  • Kit header - a product of type Order (the main Kit)
  • Kit items - a product of type Kit

Kit items can be flagged as pricing relevant (pricing-bound) with their quantities and values (List Value, Net Amount) included in the pricing rule.

If the kit item is pricing-bound, its quantity and values (List and Net) are counted by:

  • Brand level — the Kit item inherits its Brand from the Kit; the Kit items' quantities and values are counted against the Brand level totals.
  • If the Product Group is price-bound, the quantities and values only roll up to the selected price-bound Product Group
  • If the Product Group is not price-bound, the quantities and values roll up to all relevant Product Groups within the order
  • Total Order level - the kit item quantities and values are counted against the Order header totals
  • The kit items do not get product group, brand level, or total order level discounts, meaning the discount does not flow down into the kit.
  • For example, if there is a Brand level pricing rule stating a 20 percentdiscount on all Cholecap items, the discount is not applied to the items in a kit.
  • However, if you order a kit that includes 10 Cholecap and there is a pricing rule that states you get a 10 percent discount if you order more than a quantity of 50 Cholecap, the 10 Cholecap in the kit does count towards the 50. The kit item quantity rolls up towards the discount.

Configuring Kit Pricing Rules


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To configure pricing bound kit items:

  1. Provide FLS read permission to the Pricing_Bound_vod__c field on the Product_vod object.
  2. Ensure the field is on the Product_vod object page layout.
  3. Create or Edit a product of type kit item.
  4. Select the Pricing_Bound_vod__c value. Selecting the check box makes the Kit item pricing bound; clearing the check box keeps the item unbound. Cleared is the default value.

The Pricing_Bound_vod field is used in the Product Catalog by products of type Product Groups and Kit items.

  • If this is used for a Product Group, the flag drives the default Product_Group_Level_Rule. When enabled, only the Product_Group_Level_Rules associated to the flagged Product Group the user has selected is applied on the Order Line.
  • If this is used for a Kit item, the flag defines a Kit item as pricing relevant. When enabled, the Kit item is included in the pricing rule discount.

Payment Terms Non-fixed Kits

Payment Term Rules are not supported for non-fixed Kits:

  • Non-fixed Kit items are treated as independent products on the Order Lines and do not inherit Payment Term Rules from the Kit Header. (Kit Payment Term is not applied to the Kit Items and the pricing rule is not displayed in the Rule field.)
  • Payment Term Rules on Kit items are not currently supported.

Pricing Bound Kit Items

The Pricing Bound flag on non-fixed Kit items indicates that the Kit item Quantity, List Amount and Net Amount count toward Brand Level and Total Order Level pricing rules. Payment Term rules are not applied to Kit items. However, if Kit items are flagged as Pricing Bound, they count toward Total Order Payment Term Rules.