Single Line Order Entry

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Single Line Order Entry allows users to add an order line by searching for the desired product using the Product Selector. Users can add order lines one by one or via the Product Selector. The Product Selector is a search dialog that allows you to add multiple Products to the order at one time. Recommended for customers with more than 70 products to ensure pages load quickly.

Configuring Single Line Order Entry


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant FLS edit permission to the Enable_Order_Single_Entry_vod field on the Preferences_vod object for the appropriate profiles.

  2. Remove access to the VODRedirect_4000_vod Visualforce page for the appropriate profiles.

Using Single Line Order Entry

If a unit of measure is not defined, the calculator opens. If the unit of measure is defined, the Case Calculator opens. Within the Case Calculator, the stylus entry control is available for all fields.

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