Order Pull-In Fields

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  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
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Pulling information into the Order Header from the Account, Address, Contract, and Order Campaign objects can be accomplished through the definition of custom marker fields.

The naming of the marker field should be as follows:

API field name: zvod_[Object]_[Field]__c

[Object] can be A for „Account“, BA for „Billing_Address“ or DA for „Delivery_Address“, OC for „Order_Campaign“

[Field] needs to match the field name

Although the field name has __c at the end, when creating the marker field, zvod_[Object]_[Field] format should be used—without __c. Salesforce does not allow double underscores in field names and automatically appends the field name with __c when it is created.

For example: zvod_BA_Payment_Term__c. Take the field content of the custom field Payment Term on the associated billing address object. The content of the source fields is copied into the corresponding target fields on the order header and can be edited by the users. This mitigates the need for triggers.

Order Product Information

Users can view custom Product and Order information when placing an order for an Account. This can include stock levels, Product expiration dates, or other helpful information. Using the Product_ Information_vod object, customers can create fields to display during Order capture, including data from the Product catalog.

For example, if a pharmacy wants to place an order for Cholecap 10mg and Cholecap 20mg, users can view YTD sales for those products in this pharmacy.