Combining Pricing Rules

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Pricing Rules of different types can be combined. Discount, Brand and Product Group Level Rules are additive.

The addition algorithm offers two distinct modes:

  • Linear-additive - Linear-additive adds rebates in a linear fashion, taking the sum of all rebates and applying them to the total. For example, a line discount of 35 percent plus a brand discount of 5 percent equals a 40 percent overall rebate. 
  • Price-additive - Price-additive rebates use an iterative calculation. For example, a line discount of 35 percent plus a brand discount of 5 percent equals a 38.25 percent overall rebate. The initial discount of 35 percent is deducted from the total, and the new total is the starting point for the 5 percent discount.

Price-additive calculation is the default behavior. It can be switched to linear addition by enabling the Veeva Setting Enable Simple Rebate Addition.

Configuring Combining Pricing Rules


To enable this feature:

  1. Ensure initial configuration is complete.

  2. Set the Rebate_InLevel_Addition_vod Veeva Setting to 0 for linear-additive pricing, or to 1 for price-additive pricing. The default value is 0.

A null value is treated as 0.

Using Combining Pricing Rules

Inline Price-Additive Calculations

With the Rebate_InLevel_Addition_vod Veeva setting, users can indicate whether multiple rebates in the same discount level on an order should use linear-additive or price-additive behavior.

This setting applies to the following Order_Line_vod discount rule fields:

  • Line_Discount_Rule_vod
  • Brand_Discount_Rule_vod
  • Group_Discount_Rule_vod
  • Order_Discount_Rule_vod