Final Net Price

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The final net price is calculated at the Order Line level after all discounts are applied, including Line, Brand, Product Group, and Total Order, plus any user discount overrides, and can be displayed in the Final_Net_Price_vod field. When both the Final_Net_Price_vod and Final_Net_Price_Rule_vod fields are placed on the order page, users can provide transparency in how the final net price is calculated to their customers.

Two fields are used when calculating final net price:

  • Final_Net_Price_Rule_vod - Displays and stores the final net price as determined by the pricing rules.
  • Final_Net_Price_vod - Displays and stores the final net price determined by the pricing rules plus any user discount overrides.

For example, Sarah Jones creates an order for Verteo Pharmacy. The pharmacist, Melanie Martin, orders 100 Cholecap 10mg and 50 Hurtamax 400mg, and is therefore eligible for a Brand Discount of 10%. In addition, Sarah enters a 5% discount override for ordering at least 100 Cholecap. She shows Melanie the total discount applied of 15% in the Final Net Price field on the order.

Configuring Final Net Price


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant FLS edit permission to one or both of the following fields on the Order_Line_vod object:
    • Final_Net_Price_Rule_vod
    • Final_Net_Price_vod
  2. Place one or both fields on the appropriate Order_Line_vod object page layout.

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