Order Delivery Date Splitting

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Order Delivery Date Splitting allows users to split large orders into several deliveries, making stock management easier for the pharmacy. Splitting orders offers the following benefits:

  • Pharmacies can take advantage of higher rebates or discounts for larger overall sums while not receiving all of the products at once
  • Pharmacists have better control over when the products get delivered and in which quantities
  • Pharmaceutical companies have a predictable supply chain

Users enter delivery dates for the order and split the quantities among those dates.

This feature splits a parent order into several child order records. Validation Rules are not supported on child order records.

Configuring Order Delivery Date Splitting


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant FLS edit permission to the zvod_Delivery_Date_vod field on the Order_vod object and place it on the appropriate page layout.
  2. Define a value between 2 and 12 in the Number_Delivery_Dates_vod Veeva Setting. This value defines how many delivery dates the user can add to the order. The maximum number is 12 for all platforms.
  3. Enter a value for the OM_DELIVERY_SPLIT_MODE_vod Veeva Setting:
    • 0 = disabled (default)
    • 1 = retrieves split delivery data from the Affiliation_vod and Address_vod objects
    • 2 = retrieves split delivery data from the Account_Partner_vod object
    • 3 = retrieves shipping information from the Account_Partner_vod object
  4. Grant FLS edit permission to the zvod_Delivery_Address_vod field on the Order_vod object and place it on the appropriate page layout. This step is optional and allows users to enter a different delivery address for each date.

Using Order Delivery Date Splitting

Quantities to be split include ordered products plus the free goods. Non-fixed kits can be split. Fixed kits can be split, but only the kit line itself. Kit items that compose the kit can be split.

To create an order and split it into several child orders:

  1. Create the Parent Order.
  2. Select Save.

To avoid pricing rule conflicts, the Split button is not active until the Order is saved initially.

  1. Select Split on the parent order. A new window displays to allow several quantity entries per delivery.
  2. Save the split quantities. The Parent Order displays multiple delivery dates in the Order Header.

Functionality Logic

The user creates an Order with full Order quantities. This Order now acts as a Master Order (Parent Order) where the user captures the basic Order and where pricing occurs.

For every delivery date created by the user, a distinct Order with Order Lines is created.

Split Orders only include the relevant Order Lines; all fields, including custom fields, are copied to Delivery Orders.

  • Master and Delivery Orders are linked
  • The actual dates are links to the individual Delivery Orders or back to the Master Order

    Users cannot directly manipulate Delivery Orders after the initial creation

    It is not recommended to allow users to edit quantities directly within delivery orders

    Pricing Logic is deactivated on Delivery Orders

    Pricing-related fields—like Order_Date_vod—cannot be edited

The Submit/Save logic follows the Parent Order:

  • Submission or annulment of the Parent Order submits or annuls all Delivery Orders
  • Unlocking the Parent Order unlocks all Delivery Orders
  • Direct actions on Delivery Orders do not impact on other Orders