Payers and Delivery Location

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Often times, an Account may order products that should be delivered to another location or be paid for by another business unit. This is the case for large pharmacy chains where the head office orders products that are delivered to various locations or small pharmacies placing orders that are to be paid by the headquarters.

This feature allows users to select a different Payer and Delivery Location on an Order by creating associations between the Account and one or more Payers, Delivery Locations, or Wholesalers using the Account Partner Related list. An Account Partner, such as a Wholesaler, may have a different Account Identifier for each Account; this feature enables customers to have a different Wholesaler ID for the same Wholesaler.

For example, Sarah Jones creates an order for Chilton Memorial Hospital. Although Chilton is requesting the order, the items are to be delivered to and paid for by the hospital’s Regional Clinic. Sarah selects Regional Clinic as the Payer and as the Delivery Location in the Account Partner section.

Enabling Payers and Delivery Location


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant administrators CRUD permission to the Account_Partner_vod object.
  2. Grant users at least R permission to the Account_Partner_vod object.
  3. Grant FLS edit permission to users who create Account partners and FLS read permission to all other users to the following fields on the Account_Partner_vod object:
    • Account Partner Name
    • Account_Partner_ID_vod – identifier for the Account Partner record
    • Account_vod – lookup to the Account associated to the Account Partner
    • Contract_vod – lookup to the Contract Record Type = Sales_vod (only applies to the Wholesaler record type)
    • Mobile_ID_vod – syncs records created offline
  4. Add the Mobile_ID_vod field to the Account_Partner_vod object page layout
  5. Grant FLS edit permission to users who create Account partners and FLS read permission to all other users to the following fields on the Order_vod object:
    • Payer_vod
    • Delivery_Location_vod
    • Wholesaler_Account_Partner_vod
  6. Grant FLS edit permission to the Contract lookup for the Wholesaler record type if Contracts are used.
  7. Add the Account Partners Related List to the appropriate Account_vod page layout.
  8. Create a Payer page layout on the Order_vod object.
  9. Add a section called Account Partners and add the following fields to the section:
    • Payer_vod
    • Delivery_Location_vod
    • Wholesaler_Account_Partner_vod
    • Additional fields can be pulled in from the Account Partner object using zvod pull-in fields

  10. Create a Payer_vod record type on the Order_vod object.
  11. Enable the Payer_vod Order Type for the appropriate Account_vod record type profiles.
  12. Assign page layouts for the Record Types they create:
    • For Payer record type, assign Account_Partner_Layout_vod
    • For Wholesaler record type, assign Wholesaler_Layout_vod
  13. Enable the Account_Partner_vod VMOC, where Account_vod__c is (Select Id from Account).

Optionally, enable Delivery Splitting where data is pulled from the Account Partner object as opposed to Affiliations, ensure the OM_DELIVERY_SPLIT_MODE_vod Veeva Setting = 2. See Order Delivery Date Splitting for more information.

Using Payers and Delivery Location

To use this feature, you must create an Account Partner that is associated with an Account. You must create a separate Account Partner for each record type (Payer and Delivery Location).

When creating an order for an Account using a Payer or Delivery Location, select the Payer Record Type. The Order Header displays an Account Partners section with lookups for the Account Partner Name.