Printable Orders

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Users can print Orders from the Order Detail page. Selecting the Print button generates a PDF version of the Order that contains Order Header information, all Order Lines that are part of the order, and company information, such as the address and logo of your organization. This PDF can be printed to obtain a physical signature on the Order, as required for some customers.

Configuring Printable Orders


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

Enable Printable Orders by placing the Print_Order_vod button on the Order_vod object to the applicable Order_vod page layouts. The COMPANY_FIELDS_FOR_PRINT_vod Veeva Message controls what company information displays on the printed order. The message is an HTML template that customers are free to modify—typically company information such as address, telephone, and fax numbers are included in the Order Header.

Only a single logo image file is supported. The image is used on the Signature page and in the Order Print PDF file.

The order and order line page layouts determine the signature page’s visible elements and layout. The section signal --np can be utilized to prevent entire sections of the order header to display in the signature screen. Individual fields can be blocked by the OM_Print_Blocked_Fields Veeva Setting, which is also utilized by the existing Order Print functionality.

Users printing Orders with Internet Explorer receive an untitled Order.