Creating Orders

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  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

Users can create orders to fulfill requests to purchase products.

For example, Sarah Jones negotiates an order with Melanie Martin, a pharmacist with Verteo Pharmacy. On the Verteo Pharmacy account detail page, Sarah selects the New Order button. Melanie requests 5 boxes of Cholecap 10mg. On the order entry page, Sarah selects Cholecap 10mg. She enters the requested quantity and completes the order.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Order Entry Types

The following default order entry types are set during initial configuration:

Direct Quantity Order Entry is also available for offline orders, and Single Line Order Entry for online orders, but must be configured.

Default Order Type and Order Type

The value for Default_Order_Type_vod is set during initial configuration and determines the default Order Type for all accounts. If more than one value is available, users can select a different value.

The Order_Type_vod field on the Account Detail page contains the value set in the Default_Order_Type_vod field during initial configuration and determines the record type used for the order. This value is one of the following:

  • Direct_vod - Orders are placed by a pharmacy directly with the sales representative. The products in the order are supplied by the pharmaceutical company.
  • Transfer_vod - Orders are recorded by sales representatives and fulfilled by a wholesaler affiliated to the pharmacy. Affiliations between wholesalers and pharmacies are defined using the Sphere of Influence or the Affiliations related list. If there are no wholesalers affiliated to a pharmacy, then the Transfer Order cannot be placed.
  • A custom value created by the administrator. The label must match the API name of the order type.

Restricting Orders for an Account

The default value for the No_Orders_vod picklist for all accounts is set during initial configuration to No_vod, which allows orders to be captured for accounts.

Set the No_Orders_vod picklist to Yes_vod on the Account detail page to restrict orders for an account and prevent users from capturing an order for the account.