Selecting Wholesaler Priority

  • iPad

Users can now select multiple wholesalers offline when creating an Order. They can also define the rank of each wholesaler within the Order. This selection allows deliveries to be assigned to the right distributors for fulfillment.

To enable this feature:

  1. Provide Read access to the Account_Partner_vod object.
  2. Grant FLS edit permission to the Account_Partner_ID_vod__c field to display information below the wholesalers name. This is optional.
  3. Clone the VMOC record for Account_Partner for the iPad and enable it.
  4. Enter "Where Account_vod__c = null" in the VMOC record's Where Clause field.
  5. Grant FLS edit permission to the zvod_Wholesaler_Priority_vod__c field on the Order_vod object.
  6. Expose the above marker field in a single-column section on the Order Header page layout. Do not expose the zvod_Delivery_Wholesaler_vod__c and zvod_Wholesaler_Priority_vod__c fields together on the Order Header page.
  7. Grant FLS edit permission to the Wholesaler_Priority_vod__c field on the Order_vod object.

Wholesalers are listed in alphabetical order by default if no Contract is selected. A wholesaler can only be added to the order once.

Enforcing Wholesaler Priority

To enable proper validation, admins can now use the Offline Validation Rules for the Order_vod object to enforce the selection of a wholesaler in the Wholesaler Priority Control. Selected wholesaler priorities are stamped in the database before running the validation.

The marker field for Multiple Wholesaler Selection must be on the appropriate page layout.