Defaulting an Account Partner

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  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

To allow users to be more efficient when placing Orders, they can select a default Account Partner for Accounts. For subsequent deliveries if using Order splitting, the delivery date, Wholesaler, and Delivery Location defaults according to the previous Delivery Order.

Configuring Default Account Partner


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant all users FLS edit permission to the Default_vod field on the Account_Partner_vod object.
  2. Ensure the OM_DELIVERY_SPLIT_MODE Veeva Setting = 2 to enable the line split mode from Account Partners for offline devices.

Using Default Account Partner

If the check box associated with an Account Partner is selected, that information pre-populates on an Order. Only one Account Partner can be specified per Account Partner record type. For example, only one default Payer, one default Delivery Location, or one default Wholesale Partner. If a user changes the record type, the Delivery Location and Wholesaler information is cleared.

Do not place this field on the Account Partner Pricing Book page layout.

Users can select another Account Partner as a default. If multiple Account Partners are marked as default, the default is ignored and the field remains blank. If a user does not have FLS permission to the Default_vod field, a default Account Partner does not display. Also, if the field is not on the user’s page layout, the default is ignored.

For offline platforms, the default Account Partner is pre-populated on the Order header. If the user changes the default, that is reflected in all subsequent Delivery Orders.

For line-level splitting in offline devices, if a default Account Partner exists, the selection of an Account Partner is skipped in the wizard when selecting Delivery Locations, Payers, and/or Wholesalers per Order Line. For example, if the Delivery Location has a default of Pleasanton, and the Wholesaler has a default of Tri-Valley, when selecting the Add Delivery button, the Quantity calculator displays. Delivery Location and Wholesaler are automatically saved in the Order.

Users can still edit the default Account Partner by selecting the delivery date for which you want to change the Account Partner. This launches the wizard to allow the user to edit the Account Partner.