Order Management Approvals

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Veeva CRM is integrated with the Salesforce Approval Processes to streamline and improve the efficiency of the Order process. Admins can configure an approval process for users to exceed a predefined limit with approval from a manager. The manager is notified, accesses the order and approves or rejects the order.

For example, Sarah Jones is on a call with Dr. Clinton Ackerman who wants to purchase 300 Cholecap 20mg, and wants a discount of 18%. This discount exceeds the allowed limit so the order is automatically sent for approval when Sarah submits the order.

Enabling Order Management Approvals


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users FLS edit permission to the following fields on the Order_vod object:
  2. Status_vod
  3. Approval_Status_vod
  4. Lock_vod
  5. Granting FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field on the Order _vod object also enables the Unlock button for orders. See Unlocking Orders.

  6. Enable the Enable_Order_Approval_vod Veeva Setting with a value of 1.
  7. Grant users access to the AllowLockOverrideForApproval Apex Class.
  8. Place the Approval_Status_vod field on the appropriate Order_vod page layout. This step is optional.

Using Order Management Approvals

Create an Approval Workflow for the Order_vod object as you normally would using SFDC. Administrators can create approval processes with different entry criteria, assigned approvers, and email templates. This allows approvers and users to receive notifications for orders that require approval through the Salesforce Approval flow.

When Approvals are enabled, if an order has an Approval Process assigned, the Order Page layout automatically displays the Approval History Section.

The approval process configuration determines the values from the order fields related to the approval process. The following table contains a recommended set of field values related to the different workflow actions in the approval process:

Action Field Status
Initial Submission Action Status_vod Pending Approval
Approval_Status_vod In Progress









Rejection Status_vod Saved





null (optional)

Signature_Date_vod null (optional)






Signature_vod null (optional)
Signature_Date_vod null (optional)

The following table contains a recommended configuration for Record Lock: 

Action Field
Initial Submission Action Lock the record from being edited
Approval Unlock the record from editing


Unlock the record from editing

Recall Unlock the record from editing

When an order goes through the approval process, the Status_vod, Approval_Status_vod, and Lock_vod fields are modified to reflect changes from the approver.

Approvers must be configured using the Automated Approval Routing process. Manual assignment of next approver is not supported. When defining the Approval Process Steps, each approver must be configured as "automatically assigned."

Orders sent for approval with split deliveries maintain the same Status_vod and Approval_Status_vod fields from the parent order to all child orders. Approvals on child orders is not supported; only parent orders are eligible for approval even if the order is split.

If the Order type changes, the Approval_Status_vod value is not maintained.

Orders eligible for approval can be launched from all supported platforms. However, the approval related list only displays Online.