Unlocking Orders

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Enabling the Unlock Button for Orders

Submitted orders are locked and can only be unlocked by a user with the appropriate permissions, typically an administrator.

Only Administrator profiles should have FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field, unless an end user also requires FLS edit permission for Order Management Approvals, in which case they should retain it.


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature and display the Unlock button on the order page, provide FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field on the Order_vod object.

Enabling Lock Override for Integration and Data Loading

The Override_Lock_vod field on the Order_vod and Order_Line_vod objects allows a non-System Administrator to make changes to a submitted order, or specific lines within a submitted order, without requiring the user to first unlock the order. This can be used with integration and data loading functionality, where record locking can be difficult.

The Override_Lock_vod field is disabled for all users by default. When enabled, any changes that were saved in the same statement of work are written into the locked Order or Order Line.