Order Campaign Support

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Order Campaigns allow customers to group specific pricing rules. This set of pricing rules is valid for a pre-determined period of time, and may be valid only for a certain group of customers (account groups, account types). Applying campaigns allows customers to target specific segments and compare effectiveness of promotions in different regions or accounts.

Order Campaigns can be driven from the record type of the order - simply specify which Order Record Type the campaign is applicable to in the Order Campaign record. Additionally, designating a campaign as bound means reps will only be able to select products that are part of the selected campaign.

Order Campaigns can be defined as a default and applied automatically to an Order. It is the administrator's responsibility to ensure only one Order Campaign is the default for a particular Order situation. If the Order finds two or more default Order Campaigns, the rep must manually choose between them.

Configuring Order Campaign Support


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Load Order_Campaign_vod records:

    • If applicable, specify whether each campaign is tied to an Order record type via the Order_Record_Type_vod field
    • If applicable, select the Order_Campaign_Bound_vod field if there is a requirement to limit reps to ordering products specified by the campaign
    • If using custom Order record types, picklist values for the Order_Record_Type_vod field must match the record type names in the Order_Type field on the Account_Partner_vod
  2. Load Pricing Rules records with the Order_Campaign_vod field referencing the campaigns loaded above.
  3. Place the Order_Campaign_vod lookup on the Order page layout. If the lookup is not on the page layout, then campaigns are considered not in use.

Using Mass Add Products Offline with Order Campaigns or Contracts

Order_Campaign_Bound_vod__c is enabled.

When using Mass Add Products from Order Campaigns or Contracts, when the user selects the order-bound campaign, all products associated with the campaign are auto-added to the Order Lines.

If a user selects a non-bound campaign (Order_Campaign_Bound_vod__c is disabled), all products associated to the campaign are auto-added to the Order Lines, and the user is allowed to add products that are not part of the campaign.

The same logic applies for Order Contracts that are bound or unbound. Defaults are not applied. Products are added to the order. Quantities are not updated for products that are already considered added to the order when the user changes a Campaign.