Brand Level Pricing Rules

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Brand level pricing rules allow customers to specify discounts at the brand level rather than at the product level. The brand is represented in the product catalog by the record where Product Type = Detail. All products are represented by records where Product Type = Order. Brand Level Rules are defined through pricing rules of recordtype Brand_Level_Rule_vod. The brand level percentage discount is applied to all ordered products that fall under the brand.

Brand Level Pricing rules can utilize scales to structure the amount of discount applied to all ordered products within an order of the same brand. Scales on brands can be defined on quantities, list and net values (comparison type).

Online, the Line Discount displays as 0% when no discount is applied. Brand Discount and Group Discount fields display as blank.

Configuring Brand Level Pricing Rules

To configure Brand Level Pricing Rules:

  1. Ensure initial configuration is complete.

  2. Load Brand Level Pricing Rules by specifying products where Product Type = Detail in the Product_vod field.
  3. Indicate the percentage discount to be applied across all products of the brand by populating the Discount_Override_vod field on the Pricing Rules page layout. The percentage discount is applied based on the quantity ordered across all products of the brand.
  4. Load product-level pricing rules for the products of each brand. These pricing rules have a product where Product Type = Order in the Product_vod field.

Discounts can be stacked. For example, a customer could specify a certain discount at the product level by loading a product level pricing rule. When combined with other products of the same brand, a brand level discount could also be applied in addition to the initial discount given at the product level.

Using Brand Level Pricing Rules

In this example, a rep enters two order lines. After both order lines are entered:

  • 20 units of Cholecap 100mg list price is $5. Applying the 10 percent Brand Level discount results in a Net Price of (20x5) x0.9 = $90 for the line item.
  • 25 units of Cholecap 200mg list price is $10. Applying the 10 percent Brand Level discount results in a Net Price of (25x10)x0.9 = $225 for the line item

When the first Order Line is the only line on the order, the brand level discount is 5 percent, as the total Cholecap quantity is 20 units. Once the second Order Line is entered, the brand discount increases to 10 percent because the total brand quantity is 45 units. This 10 percent discount is applied to all order lines for the Cholecap brand.