Associating Pricing Rules to Accounts and Account Groups

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Users can associate Pricing Rules to specific Accounts or to groups of Accounts. This association can be used as an alternative to Contracts.

For example, Verteo Pharmacy has a special price of $10 for Cholecap 10mg. The admin, Alice Adams, creates a List Price of $10 and associates it to the pharmacy. When Sarah Jones creates an order for Verteo Pharmacy and adds Cholecap 10mg to the order, the list price of $10 is automatically applied. Sarah does not need to select a special price for the Product.

Similarly, all pharmacies in California have special pricing for Restolar 5ml. All the pharmacies can be associated to an Account Group using the Account_Group_vod field on the Account. Then, a Pricing Rule is associated to the group using the Account_Group_vod field on the rule. When a user places an order for any Account included in the group, Pricing Rules associated with the group are automatically applied.

The Account_Group_vod field is a text field on both the Account page and the Pricing_Rule_vod object. When a user creates an order for a pharmacy belonging to an Account Group (using the text field on the Account page) and there is a literal match on the Account_Group_vod field in the Pricing Rule, the Account Group-specific Pricing Rule is applied to the order.