Associating Pricing Rules to Accounts and Account Groups

Users can associate Pricing Rules to specific Accounts or to groups of Accounts. This association can be used as an alternative to Contracts.

For example, Verteo Pharmacy has a special price of $10 for Cholecap 10mg. The admin, Alice Adams, creates a List Price of $10 and associates it to the pharmacy. When Sarah Jones creates an order for Verteo Pharmacy and adds Cholecap 10mg to the order, the list price of $10 is automatically applied. Sarah does not need to select a special price for the Product.

Similarly, all pharmacies in California have special pricing for Restolar 5ml. All the pharmacies can be associated to an Account Group using the Account_Group_vod field on the Account. Then, a Pricing Rule is associated to the group using the Account_Group_vod field on the rule. When a user places an order for any Account included in the group, Pricing Rules associated with the group are automatically applied.

The Account_Group_vod field is a text field on both the Account page and the Pricing_Rule_vod object. When a user creates an order for a pharmacy belonging to an Account Group (using the text field on the Account page) and there is a literal match on the Account_Group_vod field in the Pricing Rule, the Account Group-specific Pricing Rule is applied to the order.