Product-Bound Order Assortments

  • Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

To help guide users through the sales process, assortments can now contain a strict Product list. Users cannot add Order Lines for any Products outside those specified in the assortment. This saves users time in the field as the appropriate Product list displays automatically. Products can be grouped into sections with names that vary by assortment. For example, one Account’s grouping of Cholecap and Labronine can be called “Promotional Goods”, while at another pharmacy, the same grouping is called “Endcap Items.”

For example, a user has two Calls today: one Call to a warehouse and one Call to a pharmacy. When the user visits the warehouse, the appropriate product list displays for the Account. When the user visits the pharmacy, a different product list automatically displays. The user does not need to spend time sorting through a large product list to find the appropriate items for each Account.

When this feature is enabled, the All Others flag cannot be enabled at the same time.

Configuring Product-Bound Order Assortments

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users FLS permission to the Product_Bound_vod field on the Assortment_vod object.
  2. Select the Product_Bound_vod check box on the Assortment_vod object to flag Assortments as Product Bound.

If an Order contains a product not in an assortment, whether added manually or automatically, the product is removed automatically when this feature is enabled.