Free Goods Rules

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Free Goods rules, also known as natural rebates, allow customers to define quantities of Free Goods given in addition to the Product ordered. By default, they can be used in parallel with values-based discounts.

If the addition of Free Goods to an Order Line disables line-level discounts, enable the Disable_Rebate_Mixing_vod Veeva Setting.

Free Goods rules can use scales to structure the amount of Free Goods. Scales on Free Goods rules can be defined on quantities ordered or on the list value within the Order Line (comparison type).

Free Goods Rules are defined through pricing rules with a Free_Goods_Rule_vod record type.

The Pricing Rule in the example above is for Labrinone 100ml. The rule is valid from July 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011. If an Order date falls between those dates, the rule is applied (effective date pricing). This rule is a global pricing rule, as it is not restricted to any Order Campaign, Account Group, or Account.

The Free Goods scale is defined as quantity based (comparison type), with a range from 1 to 9999. If the Order Line quantity falls between those values, a Free Goods quantity of 1 is added to that Order Line. Furthermore, a hard maximum limit for Free Goods is set at 1—relevant if representatives are allowed to manually override Free Goods during Order Line entry.

The rule description is visible during Order entry if the Rule_vod__c field on the Order_Line_vod object is exposed on the Order Line page layout.

The Suggestion Text functionality is equal to that described in the Discount Rules section. Suggestion texts from multiple, simultaneous rules are combined.